Curacao introduces Personal Loans powered by LendEase
Loans Made Simple.
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Financing Made for You.

Curacao introduces Personal Loans by LendEase.

Unexpected financial needs can be frustrating for anybody, and in difficult times is hard to know who can help and be trusted. We provide trusted and personal service to our customers right in the heart of the community; it has been our specialty and reputation for over 4 decades.

If you received a pre-selected letter, you are guaranteed *a personal loan with immediate cash withdrawal of up to $2,600. Your individual profile may give you access to different loan amounts so you can select a smaller loan that fits your needs better.

Visit the Curacao Store in Los Angeles

Bring your LendEase letter offer to the Curacao store at 1605 W. Olympic Blvd, L.A., CA 90015

Select a loan amount option

Select a loan amount option that is the best fit for you!

Walk out with cash in your hands, guaranteed!*

Pay bills, fix your car or buy whatever you need!

*Guaranteed only to pre-selected customers when presenting letter of pre-selection.


How does LendEase compare to competitors?

LendEase Loans are simply the best in the local market. With a simple and fast process; you can get your cash in a matter of minutes and use it for anything you need. You are already preselected and your credit profile as a Curacao customer is all you need to qualify. While other lenders may ask for many documents to process your loan, with us you won’t be required to bring extra documentation, just your ID.


Ease of Mind

At LendEase, we know you and have designed our personal loans with you in mind. Other lenders in the market charge innumerable fees and high interest rates, making your loan into another obligation much harder to fulfill. We at LendEase have developed Loans Made Simple, with no hidden fees and easy options with fixed payments for you to choose from.

Ease of Use

Our Personal loan approval process is simple and if you are pre-selected you can get your money fast and easy in a few minutes. While other lenders make you wait more than a day for approval process or request more documents, at LendEase are ready before you visit us and have your loan ready for you.

Ease of Access

Our LendEase and Curacao teams are committed to making your experience the best. We are in the neighborhood and only a phone call away. We make it quick and easy for customers to talk to us and answer any question you may have. It is completely free to check, with no obligations. Our great customer service is available at every step of the way.

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About LendEase

In Curacao we have a proud history of always searching for products and services that will provide a value to our customers and always tailored to our communities needs.

Our continuous search for new opportunities has resulted in invaluable financial services such our private label Curacao credit card and Curacao Financial. Continuing in this tradition, we began 12 years ago offering personal loans to customers that need to send money transfers to their loved ones: in the last 12 years we have funded more than $305 Million in loans. We are now pleased to introduce our newest service, LendEase personal loans. These loans will allow customers to borrow up to $2,600 cash for their personal use through our subsidiary LendEase™ Financial. Beginning November 1st, 2018, a group of pre-selected customers from the LA metro area will be invited to participate in the first phase of the program. Learn More About Curacao